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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy
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Il Morino Agritourism

Via Spoleto, 8 - 06083 Bastia Umbra (Agritourism)
Tel. 075/8010839
Fax 075/8010839

The agritourism

XVIII century country house once used to accomodate an ancient assisan family “Fiumi Ser Mattei’s”, wich takes back to feudal battles between Guelfi and Ghibellini. Small farm with cereal fields, fruits, vegetables and rearing of farmyard animals just 2.5 km from Assisi and the Subasio Natural Park.
Room n.10 (2 Beds-Bt)


Guided excursions through agricultural activities, gardening and Bonsai cultivation techniques classes, bocce matches, ping pong, minigolf, swimmingpool and tennis courts (mt 800), horse riding (km 2,5).
Productions: fruits&vegetables, honey and wine.


Any available offer


Any available offer


Agriturist Umbria
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