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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy
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Miralduolo Agritourism

Via Ferriera, 58 - 06089 Torgiano (Agritourism)
Tel. 075 9889031
Cell. 368 7894031
Fax 075 9889031

The agritourism

This early XIX century farmhouse located within the woods along the Tiber River is also reachable on mountain bike.
321-acre farm with sowable fields, pastures, olive grove and vegetable garden.
Ap n.4 (2/4/6/6 Beds)


Kids playground, ping pong, bocce matches, bagatelle table, barbecue and wood-burning oven, horse riding (km 2), tennis (km 3), small fishing lake (km 5), golf (km 10), Tiber river ( 300 mt), Subasio mountain park ( km 13)
Production : Oil and vegetables.


Any available offer


Any available offer


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