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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy
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Montelujano Agritourism

Fraz. Montelujano, 35 - 06024 Gubbio (Agritourism)
Cell. 335 6302701
Fax 075 9480122

The agritourism

In a tranquil and sunny position on a hill with a dominating panoramic view over the plain and the city of Gubbio, the farm and the “Monticelli” farm-holiday hospitality centre is a fifteenth-century residence, restored conserving the original architecture.
Ap n. 3 (4/4/6 Np)


In an area of high naturalistic interest, rich in wild fauna, a 38 hectare farm with seed crops, vineyard and olive grove • Cultural meetings; riding (Km 4), tennis (Km 1) • Wine, extra-virgin olive oil, honey.


Any available offer


Any available offer


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