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Spoleto 57 - Festival of the 2 Worlds

Spoleto (Food and wine)

From 27 2014 to 13 2014

57th edition of the 2014 Spoleto 57 - 2Mondi Festival, an event known all over the world and always followed by a large number of visitors.
The Festival has its roots in the 50s and is the brainchild of Gian Carlo Menotti: the goal has always been to unite two cultures and two artistic worlds (hence the name), the European and the American world, trought art, in every form and expression. The "duality" was always present in the billboard. Alongside exclusive avant-garde performances, are staged works of the classical tradition.   From 2014 June 27th to July 13th, in Spoleto you will breathe art and culture, in a series of performances of music, theater, opera and much more.   Some of the big names at this edition: Riccardo Muti will conduct the Cherubini Youth Orchestra at the Teatro Caio Melissus. Oscar winner Tim Robinson who will direct the "Dream of a Midsummer Night" for the U.S. company Actor's Gang, Gerarde Depardieu who will tread the stage with the show Love Letters B. Lavigne. Luca Ronconi in charge of Strindberg's Dance of Death, Adriana Asti.   The festival will conclude with a final concert dedicated to the amrican musicals of the '40s and '50s. For detailed information about the program visit the official website of the event
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