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Cittą di Castello and the Upper Valley of the Tiber

Beyond its natural beauties, the Upper Valley of the Tiber boasts a rich artistic and cultural heritage. This concentration of monuments has earned the territory the name of "Museum Valley". There are small characteristic towns overlooking this vast amphitheatre, such as Citerna, a nice small town with a peculiar old centre and its huge stronghold, a fortress of Lombard origins (VII century): from here, it is possible to see Mount Fumaiolo, the mountain where the Tiber River rises.

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is an ancient stronghold set on a hill and it overlooks the Upper Valley of the Tiber. It was a feud belonging to the Marquises del Monte, who descended from the Marquises del Colle, who arrived in Italy with the Franks and built strongholds and castles.

San Giustino is an ancient centre to the Northern end of Umbria which played the role of "castrum", given its strategic position. Numerous remains of ancient Roman villas are present in this territory, where also Pliny the Younger lived.

Città di Castello is the most important centre of the Upper Valley of the Tiber. It is the ancient Tiferno, founded by the Umbrian populations. After the Romans had conquered it, the town became important and rich. Very famous artists, such as Signorelli and Rafaello, carried out some of their most meaningful works in this town.

Umbertide, that has an old centre dominated by a stronghold with embattled donjons, is a massive medieval fortress that has always been a symbol of the town.

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