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Gubbio and its territory

The territory of the Alto Chiascio represents one of the most meaningful places in Umbria thanks to its mix of history, art, culture and nature that are effectively melted together, here There are historical centres of unique beauty, suggestive folklore celebrations, an unpolluted environment and an internationally famous craft production. Gubbio, the most important city of the Alto Chiascio, is an authentic masterpiece of the medieval civilization.

Gualdo Tadino is rich in historical and artistic memories and it is well-known for its pottery production and for its environmental prosperity ( as it is the case for the Valsorda). Its historical heritage is remarkable.

Cultural, traditional and folkloristic events (such as the "Pioppo di San Pellegrino" on 30 April, the "Notte del Fuoco di Grello" on 23 June, etc.) are also very interesting The territory's heritage is also constituted by the picturesque centres of the Apennines, such as Scheggia e Pascelupo, Sigillo and Costacciaro.

Its illustrious citizen was Bonaventura Pio Fauni, General Minister of the Conventual Minor Friars who was appointed Bishop of Acqui by Pope Paul III.

The Fossato di Vico was an important junction of the Flaminia consular way. Historically, it is the heir of the ancient "Helvillum Vicus", an Umbria centre federated with Rome

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