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Spoleto and the Valnerina

Spoleto is a sublime town characterized by a series of characteristic places and historical suggestions; this is a place where the importance of the relationships between man and nature, history and the environment are crystal-clear. It is a harmonic place, the perfect scenario to house the "Festival of the two Worlds". The small town of Giano dell'Umbria is located inside a "triangle" with the cities of Spoleto, Todi and Montefalco as its vertices. This town originated from the union of two castles and its walls show Roman and Medieval remains.

The Valnerina is a mountainous area characterized by natural and landscapes among the most amazing in Umbria. It takes its name from the Nera river that crosses it. This territory is rich in places where the landscape widens and reveals an almost unpolluted nature.

Among the most interesting places of this territory, there is Norcia, where heart-shaped walls enclose its most ancient nucleus. Moreover, the eight ancient doors of this small town are still visible and they have kept the name and the characteristics of the past.

Besides, there is Preci, one of the eighteen towns included in the territory of the Mounts Sibillini National Park, created in 1988. With Norcia, it is the second town in Umbria incorporated in this park. The town is a medieval castle that gives onto the Val Castoriana, one of the North-West natural entrances to reach the Park from the Valnerina.

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