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Gubbio and its territory

The environmental and landscape beauties of the Alto Chiascio are numerous. This territory reveals itself to nature lovers through suggestive landscapes and natural resources that are unique in the world.

An example of this rareness is given by a testimony of great scientific, historical and artistic value. Between Mount Foce and Mount Ingino there are the Gorges of the Bottaccione. Beyond having played a fundamental role in tracing the causes that led to the disappearance of dinosaurs on Earth, this gorge is the place where there are two important historical evidences: the Hermitage of S. Ambrogio and the medieval Waterworks.

Another important example of this territory's landscape abundance is given by the Massif of Mount Cucco that rises at the border between Umbria and the Marche region. This is a mountain relief covered with a very dense vegetation constituted of huge centuries-old beeches. There is also a high-quality wildlife. Moreover, the numerous karstic springs that are among the biggest in Central Italy, are important, too. Some of them are the Scirca spring, the spring of the Prigioni, the spring of the "Forra di rio Freddo" and they all feed the most important waterworks in Umbria.

On Mount Cucco, the most important mountain in the massif, there is an evocative excursion path through the imposing subterranean gallery of karstic origin. It appears as one of the most evocative sceneries in Umbria: magnificent galleries and salons richly adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, drapes, small lakes and watercourses. Beyond offering speleology enthusiasts numerous possibilities, the massif is also a place where to discover the beauty of the small villages lying over its slopes.

Evidences of a great artistic and religious value are striking, such as the abbeys of Fonte Avellana, of Sitria, of S. Emiliano in Congiuntoli and the Hermitage of S. Girolamo. Fantastic walks can be done thanks to the presence of marked paths, while it is possible to play cross-country skiing in winter.

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