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Lake Trasimeno

Lake Trasimeno is a place that, by its own nature, blends history and its people's traditions together. The "Museo della Pesca" is a proof of this. It was born in 1974 and its aim is to document the "life" of Lake Trasimeno through what has been its people's main activity for centuries.

The "Museo della Pesca" shows visitors not only various fishing systems, but also fishermen's daily life objects and the dialect of that world that has almost disappeared now. As said above, also historical events and commemorations are an expression of this world. Among the most important and evocative ones, there is the "Palio delle Barche". This event recalls one episode that took place in 1945, when some émigrés from Perugia could avoid enemies by sailing from Passignano on a boat. This race is run on July's last Sunday.

The four boats of the quarters start from the buoy with two rowers and one standard-bearer each. As soon as they arrive at the quay, the standard-bearer gives the flag to the relay players on the ground, who hoist the boat over the shoulders of the first crew and this is when a fast race towards the old city centre starts . Once at the quay again, the flag goes back to the standard-bearer who jumps on the boat again for the rowers' last effort.

The programme of sport events that are performed in the territory of Lake Trasimeno is varied, too, as it is the case for the kites international festival called "Coloriamo i Cieli".

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