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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy

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Assisi and the Valle Umbra


Mount Subasio can be considered the natural barycentre that links and characterizes some of the most important historical and artistic centres in Umbria sited in Assisi, Spello and Nocera Umbra.

Mount Subasio represents one of the favourite places to excursion lovers. In effect, it allows combining the pleasure of trekking and seeing suggestive landscapes, while discovering villages, parishes, castles and mystic places hidden in the mountain. Besides the park of Mount Subasio, another wonderful park should be cited, the Park of Colfiorito.

The plateau of Colfiorito is composed of seven hollows that constituted the bottom of ancient lake basins. Around the karstic plans set over the surrounding hills there are the "castellieri", the predominant settlement models since the end of the X century B.C. until the Roman conquest. The "castelliere" on Mount Orve is worth being cited. The territory of Foligno has a thriving nature and breathtaking landscapes.

The Abbey of Sasso Vivo has a great value and it can be reached through a path framed by olive groves and woods. The imposing CAVE OF PALE is another place no to be missed. It is a big limestone pit with huge stalactites.

There are many other spots to discover: the unpolluted environment of this land outlines many picturesque little towns that reveal unexpected treasures in unique and unforgettable surroundings.

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