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Todi and the Middle Valley of the Tiber

Between the provinces of Perugia and Terni, the territory of Todi is a patch of land rich in Etruscan an Roman remains, palaces and medieval and Renaissance churches, but also in landscapes of indisputable beauty. The Mounts Martani frame the whole area and are one of the most interesting attractions.

Here are some of the most important centres of this district. Collazzone shows the characteristics of Lombard military architecture with its symmetrical and convergent little streets and its still intact walls and donjons.

Fratta Todina rises on a hill at the confluence of the Faena stream with the Tiber river. It probably rises in a territory where a village called "Tudertum" by Plinium once existed. The convent of the Spineta, one of the most evocative places of the Franciscan tradition, is remarkably important. Marciano, has a fertile countryside crossed by the waters of the Tiber river and it displays smooth hills scattered with small villages and medieval castles.

Massa Martana, lying over a high cliff at the foot of the Mounts Martani, has a great number of very ancient churches and noteworthy relics of the Roman times that constitute a rich heritage of monuments. Among them, there are the Christian Catacombs, the Church of Santa Maria in Pantano and the Church of Santa Illuminata. Monte Castello di Vibio owes its name to the "gens Vibia", one of the most famous families in the Republican and Imperial Roma. Here, there is the smallest theatre in the world with just 30 seats that now is open to the public with its intact appeal after a thorough restoration.

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