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Orvieto and its territory

Orvieto's territory gives tourists the opportunity to submerge oneself in uniquely evocative places from a environmental point of view.

One example is given by the Lake of Corbara, that, together with its surrounding area, has been included inside the Parco Fluviale del Tevere, recently transformed into a protected natural area.

Its broken banks expand until going inside a narrow gorge that almost arrives in Todi (Gorge of the Forello). This evocative environment efficaciously matches with the sports performed here, namely fishing, rowing and canyoning, which takes place in the nearby Gorge of Prodo. Another interesting place for those who are fond of nature and sport is the area of the Sette Frati, near the Parco Fluviale del Tevere, that extends for 25 hectares on Mount Peglia's slopes.

From this mountain it is possible to enjoy the sight of a beautiful landscape on the Valley of the Tiber and the Lake of Corbara. Looking from Mount Piatto, the landscape extends from Todi to Perugia and Assisi until the Apennine Dorsal.

The area of Villalaba gives visitors the possibility to walk through beech groves and chestnut woods and among precious flower odours in a wide network of paths.

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