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Terni and the Amerino

The Amerino's territory has very interesting environmental places. Among these, there is Lake Vecchio, a picturesque lake that was born after the building of a dam in the Grande river. It has become a sort of pretty pond with its banks surrounded by alders, willows and poplars. The Lake Vecchio gives the possibility to venture on a short rowing boat crossing to reach the big medieval dam built in bricks.

There are numerous equipped parks near Amelia. Among them, there is the "La Cavallerizza" park, the "Parco di San Silvestro" in Fornole and the "Parco Mattia" in Torchiano. The Marmore Waterfalls are one of the most renowned natural beauties of this territory. They are an artificial falls created by the Romans. According to the legend, they were born on the wake of a mythological event: in effect, it is narrated that the nymph Nera had fallen in love with a shepherd, Velino, but Juno punished her by transforming Nera into a river. Desperate, Velino dove into the river from a cliff to join his lover: that mortal jump would have lasted for eternity. Another greatly suggestive place is the Lake of Piediluco.

This is a small lake at the border with the Lazio region and it is at 13 km from Terni. Its little town lies along the banks of the lake and it is overlooked by its "Rocca", dating to 1364. The Rowing National Centre has its base in Piediluco.

The Lake of Piediluco is a destination for Italian and foreign tourists because of the possibility to play numerous sports: canoe, sailing, wind-surf, sport fishing, etc. It is also possible to make excursions with the traditional rowing boats and also pleasure trips with a ferry to go up the Velino river in an environment incomparable beauty.

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