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Cittą di Castello and the Upper Valley of the Tiber

Città di Castello and its territory offer suggestive experiences in contact with nature. Numerous excursions are possible in this area. To name but one, the excursion that leads to the discovery of true historical and artistic treasures on the slopes of Mount Acuto, from where it is possible to enjoy the sight of an extremely suggestive landscape.

To the right, the castle of Polgeto, built in 1339 and in an excellent state of preservation, stands out. On the peak of the mountain, the remains of an ancient building that was probably destined to the cult of a divinity are worth being mentioned, while the slopes of the mountain have a view over the remains of ancient circular buildings. In effect, such places are called "Cerchiaie". Santa Giuliana, a medieval castle, lies on the south slope of the mountain.

Beyond Mount Acuto, on the road that leads to Preggio, it is possible to see the remains of the Castle of Monestevole, that is an integral part of Perugia's defence structure. For those who love nature, there is the Centro Esperienze Educazione Ambientale. Inside, it is possible to visit a collection of about 300 animal exemplars.

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