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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy

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Cittą di Castello and the Upper Valley of the Tiber

The culinary variety of the Upper Valley of the Tiber is proud to have a centuries-old tradition made up of tasty dishes with simple and essential preparations. A trace of this tradition can be found in the writings of illustrious figures who lived and knew the Upper Valley of the Tiber, such as Pliny the Younger.

The rural tradition of the territory and its link with the local peoples is also reflected in the typical recipes of its gastronomy. In effect, eating habits have remained the same for centuries. This land is rich in herbs, fruits of the forest, delightful products hidden in the meadows beyond the streets. Among these herbs, there are the burnet, the rocket, the "caccialepre", the portulaca, the "erba del becco", the "grespigni" to be tasted with a light seasoning able to exalt their natural flavours. More herbs, like Swiss Chard, the "bruscia" herb , radicchio, the "camettole", turnip and cabbage can accompany sausages and corn or maize cakes cooked on the "panaro". Woods, too, are precious caskets of delicacies, such as asparagus, hops, old man's beards, "strìgioli" for delicious omelettes, but there are also mushrooms of any kind, such as edible boletuses, "biette", "gaitelli", "besse", "manine" and honey mushrooms.

Wihte truffle represents the best gastronomic product of the Valtiberina. Moreover, there are numerous typical kinds of cold meat, such as deer meat and wild boar meat, but according to ancient traditions, it is pork that outstands the other types. Among the most common dishes there are legume soups, with beans, chickpeas, broad beans, spelt and "cècere" that give life to the "imbrecciata" recipe, the main dish in winter lunches that represents a pivot in farmers' cuisine still today.

Among side dishes, there are the cardoons that represent an essential ingredient in the "parmiginana", Valtiberina's Christmas dish. Among the desserts there are the "maccheroni" with walnuts, the "fave dei morti", the trifle and the "torciglione".

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