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Summer in Umbria, between art history and gastronomy

Agriturist a journey in art and nature through hospitality

Agriturist, the Italian Association for Agritourism and Territory that is the first Italian agritourism association promoted by the Confagricoltura, has been coordinating and supporting the development of agritourism since 1965.
Agriturist Umbria associates almost 250 farms carrying out agritourism activities.Our facilities are the sentries of a cultural tradition that the medieval villages, the stone-built residences and the ancient rural houses immersed in the smooth-shaped hills greenery reveal at each step; they are the purest expression of the typical features of Umbria's rural system.
Thirty-two of our associated businesses have chosen to adopt a permanent system of self-control with the Agriturist Qualità label aimed at guaranteeing guests the respect of a good value for money and the certainty of a unique reception in a genuine and comfortable environment, according to Umbria peoples' best traditions.
Agritourism holidays in Umbria can be booked through the Centro Prenotazioni Agriturist Umbria that offers booking services on the most important events planned in Our region.

Agriturist Umbria
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